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Trattoria Bordino - Florence Italy restaurants    
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Located in a small and ancient street in the very heart of Florence, protected by the famous Vasariano corridor which links Palazzo Vecchio together with Palazzo Pitti, going through Ponte Vecchio, the restaurant trattoria Bordino is a small pearl where you can taste the typical receipes of the Tuscan cuisine. Particularly renowned for its Florentine steak cooked on the barbecue, the restaurant has a wide menu which changes everyday according to the natural rythm of nature. A small, romantic,suggestive restaurant trattoria where having your unforgettable candle light dinner in the historical center of Florence, Italy. A small restaurant which has become one the most appreciated restaurants through the years.


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Phone: + 39 055213048
Address: via stracciatella, 9r Firenze
P.iva: 03833710480
Close on Sunday